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3% (down) Bail Bond


3% (down) bail bond rates in Harrison, Jackson and Hancock County

Bail One National Bonding is the #1 company for offering fair and flexible payment plans when you don’t have the full premium upfront. Our interest-free payment plans will be within your budget and keep your loved one out of jail pending trial.

Bail can be extremely high when charges are serious. $50,000 for a felony domestic violence charge in some Mississippi counties. $100,000 bail for DUI with an accident and potentially a $1-million-dollar bail for aggravated assault or money laundering charges. Most hard working people cannot pay or 10% of these amounts upfront, which is why we offer flexible, low down payment arraignments.  

Depending on your situation, we can even offer 3% down bail bonds!* Just put 3% down and  make payments on the balance over time. We have been serving the good people of Harrison County for over fifteen years so call us to discuss how we can help you and your family today. A 3% down bail bonds in Harrison County might be an option for you.

*3% down requires the bail bond must be collateralized using real property or some other acceptable asset. Call for details.